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William Wise For Ward 9

Together We Will Bring Common Sense And Fiscal Management To Calgary City Hall

I am running for City Council in Ward 9 to bring common sense and fiscal management to City Hall. I am running to cut spending, bring residential and corporate tax increases under control and not just during election years, provide transparency, bring your concerns to the floor, and find resolutions to your issues and restore your faith in your City Council. I am running to bring my experiences and your voice to policymaking at the municipal level.

These are unprecedented times. This pandemic has affected everyone in the city from the individuals, parents, children, business owners and businesses alike. However rather than curb spending by making sensible spending cuts and being fiscally responsible and transparent City Council has continued to reduce services, increase spending and taxation. Residents of Calgary need their voices heard, their councilors need to responsibly prioritize spending in order to balance the budget and reduce the tax burden.

I am a proud born and raised Calgarian. My family chose to make Ward 9 our home 6 years ago and it is where we are raising our kids. I have a diverse background of work experience having worked Construction, Warehouse, Hospitality, Oil Camps in Northern Alberta, Retail, Restaurants, Custodial, Operations Management, and Teaching/Managing English, Science, History, Math overseas for 5 years in China. I have Volunteered over the past 25 years with non-profit groups raising money for charities and communities. My close connection to the community, experience in Management, my diverse background, and my passion to bring your concerns to City Council to have them resolved makes me a strong candidate for Ward 9.

Common sense decisions are what I will be bringing to City Council on behalf of Ward 9 residents in the context of a balanced budget. I will take this job of City Councilor seriously and will work to ensure we achieve a balanced budget with the least amount of increases not just through my words but my actions as well. As my campaign begins, I am excited to hear from All Ward 9 residents and develop my policy platform.”

William Wise For Ward 9


Fiscal Responsibility

It is time we make the necessary choices between the "wants" and the "needs".

City Council currently decides how much to spend then looks at how much to tax. This needs to end now.

The City has a serious spending problem and needs to cut costs rather than continuously raise taxes.

We need to change how we create our forecasted budget by first looking at the projected revenue including tax revenue then determine what we have available to spend and where to spend it.

Residential Property Taxes have increased yearly by almost 80% when compounded over the last 10 years in order to pay for City Councils spending rather than cutting costs and balancing the budget.

2020 - 7.55%
2019 - 3.45%
2018 - 3.80%
2017 - 5.00%
2016 - 3.50%
2015 - 4.50%
2014 - 4.80%
2013 - 13.0%
2012 - 5.10%
2011 - 10.40%

My goal is to support the people I represent, to cut costs and reduce the tax increases brought on by Today's City Council.

It is time to cut taxes and not just during election years and to reduce spending starting with city hall rather than with emergency services.

This can be achieved by responsible spending, project management and a change in fiscal thinking.

We can start by

Either eliminating the Golden pension or bringing in a more realistic pension based on terms served and more in line with the private sector.

We need to move to abolish the “Municipal Price Index” that locks Council in to automatically spending more than last year.

Calgary’s human resource costs are $1,600 per employee, nearly double Ottawa. We can save roughly 9.8 million by bringing this down to $1,000

Calgary’s corporate management costs are much higher than similar cities. By allocating a similar share of our budget as cities such as Toronto, we will save $118 million.

Calgary’s garbage collection costs are 70% higher than Ottawa at $153 per tonne. By finding efficiencies and using successful models from other cities, we could save $28.7 million from residential collections.

Workers in City Hall’s largest union have received a 11.1% compounded pay increase since 2015. I believe we need to look at tendering contracts when contract expire rather than extensions as this brings in a competitive edge that will allow the city to continue operating within its budget.

Our economy crashed in 2014 due to the collapse of oil and gas prices. Our City Council has continued on their spending spree. It is time for common sense budgeting and spending.

In conclusion we need to make changes to live within our means


We need to Hold City Council accountable and Transparent.

We need to end "In-camera" sessions (when council meets in private). City council met in-camera at least 23% over the past 4 years.

We should maintain speed limits

I have been speaking with ward 9 residents and I am asked why are we reducing speed limits rather than enforcing the current speed limits?

Changing signs will cost us millions.

I believe we should have stiffer penalties and increased enforcement especially in park zones and high traffic areas. Lets invest the money we would have spent on changing the signs into enforcement.

We should save on bike lanes

Calgary has a very good infrastructure of bike lanes. We need to eliminate the temporary bike lanes that were put in place at the start of this pandemic especially during the winter months.

Let's reduce the cost on our tax payers.


What are your Thoughts on Homelessness?

Homelessness in Calgary is a complex social issue that calls for a coordinated and collective societal response. Multiple agencies serving different needs and different groups, multiple funding sources need to come together to end homelessness. We need to invest in low income and transitional housing with the provincial and federal government. But we need to tackle the root causes as well.

Mental health and addiction services need to be improved. Only then can we see a serious decrease in homelessness. This requires the funding of mental health and addiction services.

What is your viewpoint on public transit?

The city has moved forward with various transit proposals. I believe that they meant well but have done so when spending needs to be reigned in. They have slated cuts to transit service but spent millions to expand. This needs to be controlled until the economy improves.

What are your views on road maintenance?

Road maintenance needs to take place. We have for years patched roads rather than fix them. We need to look at a plan to tackle this throughout the city.

Road construction is required to fix issues where our city has outgrown some of our major thoroughfares and the original design was unfortunately not done very well.

What is your position on reduced speed limits?

I have been opposed to changing urban speed limits. I believe we need our police force enforcing the current speed limits. More education starting in high school for future drivers and a tougher consequence for repeat offenders.

What are your thoughts on urban densification?

Mixed-use communities provide more dwelling diversity, which provides more (and more affordable) options for all of us. Sometimes associated with apartment towers, densification comes in many shapes. Infill houses, stacked apartments, attached houses, townhomes and laneway dwellings mean viable choices for people at different stages of life. They also make for varied streetscapes.

The downfall of these major urban centres can include increased crime, reduced green space and lack of appeal to young families.

I get it; I don’t like the idea of a multi-storey apartment block towering over my rear yard. Many of these same homeowners, however, would also be the first to criticize City Hall for increasing property taxes.

Unfortunately we can’t have it both ways. It’s time to accept the facts and pick our poison! Which direction are we headed?

I am not currently aware of a sustainable strategy for continued urban sprawl.

What is your position on Mandatory Masks?

With the Provincial Government mandating masks in various cities in Alberta, with various cities mandating mask wearing I have been asked what my position is on this.

I am OK with mandatory masks when social distancing of at least 2 meters is not possible, but they need to be accompanied by a public education campaign. It's clear that many people here have NO idea how masks work. I've seen people wearing masks with their noses sticking out. I've seen people pulling their masks away from their faces to talk. I believe if you are requiring mandatory mask-wearing, you need to make masks available at no charge to all people.

We all have to do our part to combat Covid 19.

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It’s hard to come up with adequate words to describe how much your support means. I hope that the good work you do will come back to you many times over. Thank you for volunteering, and I hope we can work together to bring common sense and fiscal management to City Hall in 2021.

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