What are your Thoughts on Homelessness?

Homelessness in Calgary is a complex social issue that calls for a coordinated and collective societal response. Multiple agencies serving different needs and different groups, multiple funding sources need to come together to end homelessness. We need to invest in low income and transitional housing with the provincial and federal government. But we need to tackle the root causes as well.

Mental health and addiction services need to be improved. Only then can we see a serious decrease in homelessness. This requires the funding of mental health and addiction services.

What is your viewpoint on public transit?

The city has moved forward with various transit proposals. I believe that they meant well but have done so when spending needs to be reigned in. They have slated cuts to transit service but spent millions to expand. This needs to be controlled until the economy improves.

What are your views on road maintenance?

Road maintenance needs to take place. We have for years patched roads rather than fix them. We need to look at a plan to tackle this throughout the city.

Road construction is required to fix issues where our city has outgrown some of our major thoroughfares and the original design was unfortunately not done very well.

What is your position on reduced speed limits?

I have been opposed to changing urban speed limits. I believe we need our police force enforcing the current speed limits. More education starting in high school for future drivers and a tougher consequence for repeat offenders.

What are your thoughts on urban densification?

Mixed-use communities provide more dwelling diversity, which provides more (and more affordable) options for all of us. Sometimes associated with apartment towers, densification comes in many shapes. Infill houses, stacked apartments, attached houses, townhomes and laneway dwellings mean viable choices for people at different stages of life. They also make for varied streetscapes.

The downfall of these major urban centres can include increased crime, reduced green space and lack of appeal to young families.

I get it; I don’t like the idea of a multi-storey apartment block towering over my rear yard. Many of these same homeowners, however, would also be the first to criticize City Hall for increasing property taxes.

Unfortunately we can’t have it both ways. It’s time to accept the facts and pick our poison! Which direction are we headed?

I am not currently aware of a sustainable strategy for continued urban sprawl.

What is your position on Mandatory Masks?

With the Provincial Government mandating masks in various cities in Alberta, with various cities mandating mask wearing I have been asked what my position is on this.

I am OK with mandatory masks when social distancing of at least 2 meters is not possible, but they need to be accompanied by a public education campaign. It's clear that many people here have NO idea how masks work. I've seen people wearing masks with their noses sticking out. I've seen people pulling their masks away from their faces to talk. I believe if you are requiring mandatory mask-wearing, you need to make masks available at no charge to all people.

We all have to do our part to combat Covid 19.