William Wise For Ward 9

Together We Will Bring Common Sense And Fiscal Management To Calgary City Hall

I am running for City Council in Ward 9 to bring common sense and fiscal management to City Hall. I am running to cut spending, bring residential and corporate tax increases under control and not just during election years, provide transparency, bring your concerns to the floor, and find resolutions to your issues and restore your faith in your City Council. I am running to bring my experiences and your voice to policymaking at the municipal level.

These are unprecedented times. This pandemic has affected everyone in the city from the individuals, parents, children, business owners and businesses alike. However rather than curb spending by making sensible spending cuts and being fiscally responsible and transparent City Council has continued to reduce services, increase spending and taxation. Residents of Calgary need their voices heard, their councilors need to responsibly prioritize spending in order to balance the budget and reduce the tax burden.

I am a proud born and raised Calgarian. My family chose to make Ward 9 our home 6 years ago and it is where we are raising our kids. I have a diverse background of work experience having worked Construction, Warehouse, Hospitality, Oil Camps in Northern Alberta, Retail, Restaurants, Custodial, Operations Management, and Teaching/Managing English, Science, History, Math overseas for 5 years in China. I have Volunteered over the past 25 years with non-profit groups raising money for charities and communities. My close connection to the community, experience in Management, my diverse background, and my passion to bring your concerns to City Council to have them resolved makes me a strong candidate for Ward 9.

Common sense decisions are what I will be bringing to City Council on behalf of Ward 9 residents in the context of a balanced budget. I will take this job of City Councilor seriously and will work to ensure we achieve a balanced budget with the least amount of increases not just through my words but my actions as well. As my campaign begins, I am excited to hear from All Ward 9 residents and develop my policy platform.”

William Wise For Ward 9